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Cigarotica is about passion. A passion for Cigars, a passion for beauty, and a collaboration for the two that creats an eroticism that's well beyond description.

Cigar Models

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is in the eye of every beholder of a Cigarotica model. Take a look and see what we mean. You will be pleasantly surprised and glad that you did.

Cigar Model Photography

As if transported through time, our models embody a style and look that throughout the ages has been beauty. their seductive smiles and playful expressions draw you in from the moment you spot one of our distictive photos.
Few things in life are as sultry as a gorgeous woman smoking a fine cigar. Cigarotica is proud to offer the finest in cigar-related erotica.

Explore each model portfolio for your favorite cigar model photography. offers a superb collection fine art and photos with our beautiful cigar shots. We're also planning on offering an array of clothing and accessories. We truly hope you enjoy and the many stunning photos that we offer.

If you have a product or website that you'd like to see featured on Cigarotica, contact us and we just might be able to help you out.

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